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Makeup & Hair Vehicles

Our Makeup & Hair Vehicles have become a favourite amongst Makeup & Hair artists working on film sets. Fully equipped to suit both professions, our units allow multiple stylists to be working at once with our 4 and 5 station setups. Large Sportsman Belmont swivel chairs with wide access make working on set so much easier. All vehicles include large general storage bays as well as individual storage units within each station. Each unit is fully plumbed with hair washing basin and sink for easy cleanup during busy sessions and equipped with modern comforts like kitchenette, USB Chargers and fridge.

In addition to our standard Makeup & Hair vehicles, we also have a ‘Slide Out’ vehicle option, which onsite allows us to increase the floor space within the cabin – creating an even more useable working area. Below you’ll see our fully expanded ‘Two Faced’ units.

Quick Facts

  • up to 20sqm
  • multiple Vehicles available featuring 4 or 5 stations
  • all 5 station units are equipped with slide out side panels, creating extra floor space
  • Fully equipped – walk in and setup within minutes
  • Kitchenette featuring with sink, Microwave and fridge

Slide outs standard on all 5 position vehicles!


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